Why Bingo has a Wrong Perception

Bingo is a lottery game and be considered a form of gambling. Some people take it as a form of gambling while others have a different perspective. This article is aimed at briefly elaborating on this issue.

A lot of people do not feel as if they are gambling when they play Bingo. It doesn’t “feel” to be in the same category as lottery, horse racing and sports betting for many people. However, Bingo is a lottery game where a lucky draw is carried out and the person with the lucky number is declared the winner of the jackpot.

It is a game of chance. A caller calls out randomly selected numbers and players try to match them to those appearing on Bingo cards (5×5 matrices).The person who has a card with the specified pattern of the called numbers is declared the winner. He calls out the word “Bingo!” Each numbered ball called is taken from the bingo machine and it has the same probability of being called as any other.

This is illustrated as a fair game. All of the bingo balls have the same weight as the bingo numbers that are called. If all the balls don’t have the same weight the lighter balls will come up more often. The players will come to know this fact and choose their cards accordingly At this point the game is no longer fair.

Bingo is a form of Singapore online casino gambling and is in the same category as lottery or sports betting. For many people it simply doesn’t appear to be so. The game is even played in schools for increasing number knowledge. Thus it doesn’t seem like gambling.

This game doesn’t require any playing skills or strategies. Consequently, most people use it as an activity for socializing and are talking while they play. Bingo is apparently a more acceptable form of gambling and is thus in demand by a majority of the population. The game is often used by fundraisers to collect money for charity purposes. All these factors contribute to a perception and a soft image of Bingo as a form of Casino gambling.


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